CCC Capacity:

Experienced Management

  • Full-service Accounting, Human Resources, Legal, and IT Departments;
  • More than 100 years of experience in project oversight, planning and logistics;
  • Skilled, professional Supervisors: "backbone to the operations”;
  • General Contractors;
  • Nearly two decades working in our Nation's Park Service Systems;
  • Legislative, governmental, and public relations expertise; and
  • Corpsmember development, purpose & mission, and evidence of success.

In-house Recruitment Team

  • Boots on-the-ground, shovel-ready projects;
  • Ability to recruit, train, hire crews of any size, age or type (Ex. PLC, YCC, 21CSC, AmeriCorps, Veterans, etc);
  • Deploy Project start up, mobilization, and implementation strategies quickly and efficiently;
  • Pre-employment, orientation, retention, and post program & employment services; and 
  • Ranked nationally for job retention rate successes.

Corps Package Expertise

  • State and federal grants, contracts, and agreements;
  • Match Availability and ability to leverage additional funds;
  • Provides Workers Compensation and general liability;
  • Fiscal Agent and oversight capacity;
  • National operations, implementation strategies, cost effective programming;
  • Budgets, reimbursement, audit and performance expectations and reporting measures;
  • Outcomes, measurements, sponsor satisfaction evaluations and focus groups;
  • Familiarity and awareness when working with new partners;
  • Project logistics, training, collaborative efforts and partnerships; and 
  • Executive, program, and administrative support.

CCC is Designated:

  • By the Corps Center of Excellence, the National Accrediting Body for Service and Conservation Corps, as a Nationally Accredited Corps that Demonstrates a High Level of Accountability to the Communities in which they Operate and the Corpsmembers they Enroll—the 5-Year Accreditation Offers Objective, Independent Validation of Best Practices being Monitored to Meet High Standards;
  • As a 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC) Member Organization Aimed to Connect Youth and Veterans to Work and Training Opportunities in America’s Great Outdoors; Most Importantly, 21CSC is Helping Develop the Next Generation of Skilled Workers and Engaged Citizens, Conservation Professionals including Environmental Stewards, Customer Service & Hospitality Representatives, and Transportation Officials;
  • A National Cooperative Agreement Holder via the United States Department of Interior to Provide Work, Training and Learning Opportunities for Youth in our National Park Service Systems;
  • A “West Virginia Disaster Corps” in Conjunction with Volunteer WV, American Red Cross, Corporation for National & Community Service in the Event of a Federal Disaster Declaration or Disaster Declaration within the State of West Virginia, wherein AmeriCorps Members may be Deployed to an Affected Area to Participate in Response or Recovery Operations; and
  • As a Youth Corps Partner Working in Collaboration with the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Hands-On Preservation Experience (HOPE) Crew Project Established to Help Maintain Historic Structures for the Public and Impart Valuable Preservation Skills to Youth.