"On Saturday evening December 10th, my grandson's vehicle quit running on I-70 just past exit 11.  He was traveling in the left lane and could not get into the right lane due to traffic.  Thus, he pulled into the median strip and tried to restart the car, but to no avail.  He wasn't there very long until one of your courtesy trucks pulled in behind him with his lights flashing to help warn other drivers.  Between the two of them they decided the fuel gauge was not working and he was probably out of gas.  They then put 1 1/2 gallons into the car, but still couldn't get it started.  They also tried jumping the car thinking it might just not be getting enough of a charge, but it still wouldn't start.  So my grandson called me and I got there about 45 minutes later.  Your driver stayed with him that whole time with his lights flashing.  When I got there, we did get the car started and he followed us to the next exit to be sure we didn't have any other problems.  He was very professional and would not accept any payment for the gas or other aid.  My grandson and I thank you ever so much for the excellent service you provided for us and especially thank the CP Driver for all the help and information he gave us.  Keep up the good (no, make that great) work."

~Rick and Collin 

 WV Citizen 


"I really appreciate your generosity and kindness... You graciously helped me and my Youth Group at a very inopportune time for us and I am very thankful for your help.  You are a vital part of a team that help the rest of us travelers have a good memory of your state, the wonderful state of West Virginia."

~ Brother Joe S. 
   Youth Pastor 


“Dear Mr. Martin, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me a job with the Courtesy Patrol. I would also like to thank you for the opportunity to get my GED. By the way I wrote this on my own and wanted you to see that I am learning to read and write and that it is all because you gave me a job with the Courtesy Patrol and put me in a GED class. This is the first letter I have ever written.”
~ R.W.
   Former WVCP Driver


“My employees suffered a flat tire on a state van, and the Courtesy Patrol provided valuable help in the way of a hydraulic jack. The jack the men were using wasn’t quite up to hoisting such a large vehicle and your driver cheerfully helped. She is a credit to the Courtesy Patrol service and underscores the reason the state contracts with your organization for the program.”
~ John Perdue
   WV State Treasurer


“The WV Courtesy Patrol is a public service that works, gives practical assistance to those needing it and builds good will. Plus, it puts people to work in a structure that builds success.”
~ David King
   Executive Director Ohio-West Virginia YMCA


“As a West Virginian I am proud of our wonderful state for many reasons. The Courtesy Patrol must be one of the nicest, most beneficial and important services West Virginia gives to motorist.”
~ Patty A.
   Capon Springs, WV


“Your Courtesy Patrol driver was extremely courteous and really helped me out of a tough situation. Thank you for this service and the expert help of this fine young man.”
~ Carol S.
   Vienna, VA


“I have long believed the Courtesy Patrol is an important service to the citizens of our State and visitors to out State. The Patrol not only provides assistance to traveling motorists when needed, but also makes visitors feel welcome and that we care about their safety and security while traveling...Too often public officials hear only complaints about state programs and services. I want this letter to stand as a highly positive commentary about the level and quality of service I received from the Courtesy Patrol.”
~ E.W. Bill A.
   Williamstown, WV


“The state of WV is fortunate to have such an outstanding program and friendly employees.”
~ Barbara C.
   Huntington, WV


“As a West Virginian I’m proud to see those F-150’s, lights flashing, pulled over to assist travelers. What a major relief it must be for those who break down on a long empty stretch of highway.”
~ Rick P.
   Summersville, WV


“It is really nice to know we have such a program and that the people who work it are friendly and represent our state like they do.”
~ Karla C.
   Harrison County, WV


“Please ask the Governor to continue budgeting for the important service. The interstate is a scary and dangerous place to be when you are broke down or run out-of-gas at night.”
~ Paul P.
   Parkersburg, WV


“I thank you for providing this invaluable service and hope that is continues forever.”
~ Robert S.
   West Friendship, MD


“We will never forget this good deed or our Guardian Angel! It’s a wonderful program you have that rescues travelers in distress.”
~ Mark and Bess J.
   Salisbury, WV


“Thank you for his caring and professional manner and the State of West Virginia for this service and making out trip through West Virginia a memorable one not because of the incident but because of the kindness of strangers.”
~ Donna K.
   Fort Wayne, IN


“I commend the State of West Virginia for this service to a wayfaring stranger.”
~ Robert P.
   Cardington, OH


“I feel that the fellow Courtesy Patrol Operators not only perform a very valuable service to motorists in distress, but also go a long way in promoting the friendliness of the State of West Virginia and in establishing positive public relations.”
~ Paul R.
   Blue Ridge Summit, PA


“I am so impressed I’m tempted to root for the Mountaineers when they face the Panthers next fall!”
~ John P.
   Wexford, PA


“We can only say “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
~ Robert R.
   Pompano Beach, FL


“I have no knowledge of other states having a Courtesy Patrol program; thank God we broke down in West Virginia.”
~ Ithaca
   New York Resident


“I saw this Guardian Angel with his yellow lights flashing drive up behind me and immediateIy knew I was safe.”
~ Mack and Bess J.
   Salisbury, NC


“Your driver is truly an honest man with a lot of integrity. He was very polite and proficient at his job.”
~ William C.
   Belleville, IL


“This kind of thoughtfulness to motorists is most unusual. Our compliments to the State of West Virginia and the Courtesy Patrol for providing citizens with this service!”
~ Werneth and Betty A.
   Burlington, KY


“He was beyond helpful and made what could have been a terrible situation an almost pleasant one.”
~ Ricki D.
   New Windsor, NY


“Your Patrolman presented himself, at the highest level of excellence. He is a great American.”
~ Steve H.
   WV Citizen


“The next morning we were on our way back home to Michigan, safe and sound. Our Courtesy Angel honked and waved good-bye.”
~ Debra B.
   East Lansing, Michigan


“His hospitality, enthusiasm and professionalism is something I will always remember. With the caliber of this service, he is truly an ambassador for the people of West Virginia.”
~ Anne H.
   WV Citizen