Statewide Motorist Assistance Patrol program provides employment and training opportunities to tourism-friendly drivers who render assistance to stranded motorists.



Employment, education and training for youth & adults who provide community, beautification, recreational and trail development and improvements throughout the country.

West Virginia's Arrow to the Summit Community Service Initiative

West Virginia's Arrow to the Summit Community Service Initiative

The Boy Scouts of America selected CCC as the Clearinghouse for “The Initiative”, which was the largest community service and volunteer effort of its kind ever performed in the history of our country.



Dear Visitor: 

Welcome to the Citizens Conservation Corps. We are glad you’re here, and appreciate your interest in our projects and programs!

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Our award winning courtesy patrol sets the standard!

The West Virginia Courtesy Patrol is on duty 7 days a week, 3:00 p.m to 7:00 a.m. Our toll free number is 1-888-359-3683.

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The award winning motorist assistance patrol program, known as the West Virginia Courtesy Patrol keeps our state's roadways and travelers safe and secure. Drivers and dispatchers assist stranded motorists by patrolling over 800 miles of four-lane highway throughout WV. The tourism-friendly fleet of patrol units also play a vital role in the state's Amber Alert & Homeland Security initiatives. The program has been recognized as a national model for its innovative approach to job creation.



The CCC Trails and Development Program (TDP) serves both youth and adults (including veterans) with an emphasis on skills enhancement, educational advancement, civic and community spirit via a wide range of projects and programs throughout the country.



West Virginia's ARROW to the Summit Community Service Initiative, The Boy Scouts of America selected CCC as the Clearinghouse for “The Initiative”, which was the largest community service and volunteer effort of its kind ever performed in the history of our country; Completed service projects for over 40,000 Scouts and volunteers over a 5-day period during the 2013 National Jamboree which yielded more than 300,000 volunteer service hours and $5 million economic impact in 9 southern WV counties; Recently selected to coordinate the 2017 Initiative which will include project expansion in all 55 counties.

CCC AmeriCorps Disaster Service Corps

CCC AmeriCorps Disaster Service Corps

The CCC AmeriCorps Disaster Service Corps is headquartered in Twin Branch – McDowell Co. The AmeriCorps program is funded through Volunteer West Virginia and serves southern West Virginia as a state-certified Disaster Service Corps. The CCC Corpsmembers are trained through the American Red Cross and have disaster response experience having already been deployed three times-- Boone County (April 2015), Mineral Wells (September 2015),and Rupert (June 2016).



The Twin Branch Recreation Area is an 118-acreage facility under development by CCC. A 10-member AmeriCorps team is currently working at Twin Branch in an effort to improve, further develop, and enhance recreational tourism and economic development opportunities in McDowell County.



Offering over 100 miles of off-road trails for ATV and outdoor enthusiasts of which CCC serves as the conduit by which trail maintenance, building and development efforts occur.



Skiing, Learning, Improving, Developing, and Educating, is a youth development program that utilizes skiing to impact the lives of at-risk youth (ages 3-17) by providing unique and positive experiences that promote character development and life-enhancing values.



Utilizing the game of golf as a vehicle to teach core values and healthy habits to kids ages 4 to 17. CCC operates as a partner and sponsor while the day-to-day operations are handled by the West Virginia Golf Association.



CAWV provides a variety of programming to children and adults with disabilities and is the premiere ski program in the Mid-Atlantic Region. CCC serves as both fiscal agent and partner for this elite program.



In partnership with JP Morgan Chase Foundation, CCC recruits, trains, and places veterans into employment with local governments, federal agencies, businesses, corporations, and/or other avenues with the vision that those served will obtain meaningful employment and the security of sustainable income for themselves and their families.



CCC Internship Program has both part-and full-time Corps placements nationwide, aimed to jump start career choices through a variety of experiences focused on civic engagement and service; conservation, environmental, and resource stewardship; and other areas such as--tourism, transportation, interpretative learning, outdoor recreation, information technology, public and governmental relations, green practices, etc. Each CCC Intern is provided access to a range of educational services, from postsecondary education to industry-recognized credentials with an opportunity to earn an AmeriCorps Education Award ranging from $1222.22 to $5775.00.

Let's Move! Outside

Let's Move! Outside

The CCC via The Corps Network is working to place AmeriCorps members in ten (10) YMCA centers across the country; in order to fulfill the Department of Interior’s project “Engaging the Next Generation of Community Coordinators” for the “Let’s Move! Outside” initiative in the following cities: Birmingham, AL; Oklahoma, OK; San Diego, CA; Columbus, OH; Providence, RI; Indianapolis, IN; Wichita, KS; Pittsburgh, PA; Atlanta, GA; and Newark, NJ.



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These are some of our recently completed projects.

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Heart of the Highlands Trails

Heart of the Highlands Trails

In partnership with Heart of the Highlands Trails, a half mile connector trail from the Town of Davis, WV to the Splash Dam Trail was created.


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Posted on Jun 05th, 2014
CCC partnered with the Heart of the Highlands Trail System, located in Tucker County, WV, to complete a half mile connector trail from the Town of Davis, WV to the Splash Dam Trail located nearby


  • Conduct Projects and Programs that Strengthen and Revitalize Communities;
  • Provide Self-Esteem, Educational Enhancements, and Employment Opportunities through Meaningful Work Experiences for Youth & Adults; and
  • Conserve, Develop, and Enhance Natural Resources.

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About CCC AmeriCorps Disaster Service Corps

The CCC AmeriCorps Disaster Corps is headquartered in Twin Branch – McDowell Co. and funded through Volunteer West Virginia as an AmeriCorps program, serving southern West Virginia as a state certified Disaster Service Corps. They are trained through the American Red Cross and have immense hands-on experience & training to help them with their deployments. Their most recent deployment was to Rupert, following the floods of June 2016. In 2015, the team was deployed twice, once to Boone County (April 2015) and Mineral Wells (September 2015) in response to disaster flood relief efforts and needs. In addition to First Aid and CPR, the members also have the ability to set up volunteer and distribution centers, perform debris removal, gutting, mucking and other labor intensive tasks.

About WV Disaster Corps

Since 2014, West Virginia AmeriCorps & VISTA members have the opportunity to be trained and mobilized during local, regional and statewide disasters. By joining WV Disaster Corps, national service members can help communities rebuild and recover from disasters. WV Disaster Corps is a National Service Partnership initiative unique to West Virginia. In addition to response and recovery missions, Senior Corps and AmeriCorps national service members help strengthen West Virginia’s emergency preparedness at the local level. They distribute preparedness kits to home-bound seniors, coordinate emergency response trainings, and design disaster-related service projects throughout the year.


To Learn More About CCC Disaster Corps Relief Efforts

Follow links to our Facebook or Twitter Pages where we share the most up-to-date information on disaster relief efforts and how to get involved! Or you can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Haley Keith- Birmingham, AL


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Age: 27

Place of Birth: Birmingham, AL

Current City: Birmingham, AL

Previous Education: The University of Alabama at Birmingham

               Area of Study: Marketing.

      Future Area of Study: Sustainable Design (Urban/Environmental)

Interests and Hobbies: I'm really interested in the whole idea of sustainable design- especially for events. Creating art pieces using upcycled materials, flower gardening, sewing. I also really love painting. I'm working on a  recipe for a 100% natural, flour-based paint- I call it "WALL FLOUR"

Personal Blurb: "If I'm anything, I'm a creative thinker. I value nature and I'm filled with peace when I'm experiencing all that nature has to offer. I'd spend an entire weekend flower gardening if I could. I believe, as a society, we disregard the environment when choosing products for our personal "outdoors" so I've been experimenting with natural, unlikely garden ingredients to replace store-bought pesticide and plant food- with excellent results!

Why Let's Move! Outside?: Let's Move! Outside is important to me because when have you ever received a Facebook App request for "Environmental Stewardship"?"


Kiana L. Thornton- Newark, NJ

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Age: 25

Place of Birth: Livingston, NJ

Current City: East Orange, NJ

Previous Education: New Jersey City University 

               Area of Study: Psychology 

Interests and Hobbies: I  love painting, ceramics, playing ukulele, writing and reading.  I also love to crochet! I started my own business called "Pretty Nice Stuff", selling crocheted goods and teaching others to crochet.

Personal Blurb/ Why Let's Move! Outside? I plan to use my love of all artistic mediums to become an expressive arts therapist. I believe it's important to seek and maintain healthy coping mechanisms in order to release trauma and heal. That's why I love the work i'm doing with the CCC!


Mikayla Gordon- San Diego, CA


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Age: 22

Place of Birth: Oakland, CA

Current City: San Diego, CA

Previous Education: California State University, Sacramento 

               Area of Study: Government and Journalism 

Interests and Hobbies: I like to read, and go to the movies with my wife.

Personal Blurb: I'm excited about being a part of The Corps Network and Let's Move! 



Katie Mackerty- Columbus, OH

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Age: 22

Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio

Current City: Columbus, Ohio

Previous Education: Otterbein University

               Area of Study: Psychology and Creative Writing 

Interests and Hobbies: Baking, Volunteering, Movies, and Traveling.

Personal Blurb/ Why Let's Move! Outside? As a recent college graduate I was looking to start my career in non-profit work. I am excited to be given this opportunity not only to join Let's Move! Outside, but bring it to Columbus, Ohio. I hope that in the next 5 years I will become a volunteer coordinator for a non-profit and continue my education in either management, or administration.

For more information about this service opportunity or how to apply, please click here




January 2016

January 7, 2016:

- Initial outreach to County Champions.

January 21, 2016:

- CCC meeting with BSA at The Summit.


February 2016

Volunteer/partner Recruitment [Underway]; Routing/Rally Point Mapping [Underway].

February 4, 2016:

- Reconvening of the Reaching the Summit Steering Committee meeting.

- The steering committee has adopted a new name and shall now be referred to as;

“West Virginia’s Arrow to the Summit Steering Committee”.

February 7-10, 2016:

- The Corps Network Forum, Service Corps were recruited to participate in the 2017 Initiative.

- CCC met with national leadership from the Corporation for National and Community Service regarding AmeriCorps NCCC team recruitment for the 2017 Initiative.

February 29, 2016:

- 1st Jamboree Payment Deadline.



March – May 2016

CCC conducts county meetings and outreach efforts with all 55 County Commissions.

March 2, 2016:

-  CCC/BSA Follow-up Meeting.

March 3, 2016:

- West Virginia’s Arrow to the Summit Steering Committee meeting.

March 9, 2016:

- CCC/BSA/West Virginia Army National Guard met with WV Department of Homeland Security Director regarding statewide service area.

March 29, 2016:

- CCC/BSA met with West Virginia University in Morgantown to discuss WVU Target Counties and outreach (Harrison, Marion, Monongalia, Preston, and Taylor) for Pre-Jamboree Projects.



April 2016

Fundraising/Marketing Strategies (ongoing).

 April 7, 2016:

- West Virginia’s Arrow to the Summit Steering Committee meeting.



May – September 2016

Formation of Workgroups in each county.

  • Glade Group Presentation/Training.
  • Project Site visits to occur in Group A (original 9 counties) and Group B (remaining 46 counties).
  • Messaging and Public Relations Strategy (continuum).
    • Press Release with BSA to announce statewide service initiative (TBD).
  • Partnership Meeting with Champions, AmeriCorps, Red Cross, WVARNG, WVU, EMS, WVSP, BSA, volunteers, etc.

May 5, 2016:

- WV’s Arrow to the Summit Steering Committee meeting at CCC’s office in Beckley.

- CCC meeting with Volunteer West Virginia’s Executive Director Heather Foster in Beckley.

May 20, 2016:

- Pre-Jamboree Troop Project Interest form due.

June 15-16, 2016:

- Thomas S. Monson, Leadership Excellence Complex Groundbreaking Ceremony at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve (CCC to have Initiative display).

August 1, 2016:

- Troop/BSA feedback regarding selection for Pre-Jamboree Projects.

August 30, 2016:

- CCC will present at the WV State Emergency Response Commission conference at Camp Dawson.

September 30, 2016:

- Initiative Project Application Deadline (unofficial).



October 2016

Champions Meeting for Group A Counties will take place in the Beckley Office

Group B Project Development ongoing to include assignment of Project Managers

Project Applications continue to be reviewed and Site Visits will be ongoing.

CCC and BSA to meet with WV Department of Homeland Security.

October 25- December 19, 2016:

- AmeriCorps NCCC Composite Team assigned to CCC for Initiative Development.



November 2016

Project and Safety Vetting conducted with BSA and CCC (by batch), fundraising in each county continues, site visits conclude; monthly meetings continue.



December 2016

BSA Conference/Training (TBD).



January 2017

6 Month Review and Assessment.



February-May 2017

Volunteer Safety Training (inc. BSA Youth Protection Training) and Criminal Background Checks (inc. Sex Offender Checks) conducted.

February 1, 2017

- Deadline for National Jamboree Applications. Public Announcement of selected projects for the 2017 Initiative (unofficial).

February 12-15 2017:

- The Corps Network Forum, CCC to announce Service Corps participating in the 2017 Initiative.



March 2017

3 Months Planning Meeting to include Incident Command Center and Transportation Management Systems.

March 1, 2017:

- BSA to provide CCC with final National Jamboree attendance figures; BSA Troops notified of Pre-Jamboree project assignments.

         March 31, 2017:

- Initiative Project Application Deadline.

- BSA to provide CCC with final National Jamboree attendance figures; BSA Troops notified of Pre-Jamboree project assignments.



March-June 2017

Final Champion/County Meetings conducted for both project Groups. Assignment of AmeriCorps NCCC Teams for both project groups.



June 2017

Final walk through inspections will be conducted for Group A Counties. Group B inspections will be conducted in May 2017 with corresponding visits/calls conducted and a final onsite meeting.

June 30,2017:

- PROJECT DEVELOPMENT DROP DEAD DATE- final preparations will be completed in each county and project completion checklists will be reviewed and approved.



July 2017

July 5-14, 2017:

  • CCC staff will conduct spot checks on volunteers, projects, materials, etc.
  • Conversion of the conference room into ICS Command Center.

July 17-19, 2017:

- Pre-Jamboree Projects in Group B Counties.

July 17, 2017:

- Troops arrive in Group B Counties.

July 18, 2017:

- Troops will perform community service projects in their respective counties.

July 19, 2017:

- Troops will depart from Group B Counties for the Summit after breakfast.



July 19-29, 2017

National Scout Jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve.



July 20-21 and 24-26 2017

2017 Initiative Service Projects to be completed in Group A Counties.



July 27-28, 2017:

Recap of the Days of Service; After Action Reviews; and Final Briefings to be conducted at CCC Headquarters with all participating groups.



August 2017

Final Report Compiled.