Statewide Motorist Assistance Patrol program provides employment and training opportunities to tourism-friendly drivers who render assistance to stranded motorists.



Employment, education and training for youth & adults who provide community, beautification, recreational and trail development and improvements throughout the country.

West Virginia's Arrow to the Summit Community Service Initiative

West Virginia's Arrow to the Summit Community Service Initiative

The Boy Scouts of America selected CCC as the Clearinghouse for “The Initiative”, which was the largest community service and volunteer effort of its kind ever performed in the history of our country.



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Welcome to the Citizens Conservation Corps. We are glad you’re here, and appreciate your interest in our projects and programs!

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Our award winning courtesy patrol sets the standard!

The West Virginia Courtesy Patrol is on duty 7 days a week, 3:00 p.m to 7:00 a.m. Our toll free number is 1-888-359-3683.

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The award winning motorist assistance patrol program, known as the West Virginia Courtesy Patrol keeps our state's roadways and travelers safe and secure. Drivers and dispatchers assist stranded motorists by patrolling over 800 miles of four-lane highway throughout WV. The tourism-friendly fleet of patrol units also play a vital role in the state's Amber Alert & Homeland Security initiatives. The program has been recognized as a national model for its innovative approach to job creation.



The CCC Trails and Development Program (TDP) serves both youth and adults (including veterans) with an emphasis on skills enhancement, educational advancement, civic and community spirit via a wide range of projects and programs throughout the country.



West Virginia's ARROW to the Summit Community Service Initiative, The Boy Scouts of America selected CCC as the Clearinghouse for “The Initiative”, which was the largest community service and volunteer effort of its kind ever performed in the history of our country; Completed service projects for over 40,000 Scouts and volunteers over a 5-day period during the 2013 National Jamboree which yielded more than 300,000 volunteer service hours and $5 million economic impact in 9 southern WV counties; Recently selected to coordinate the 2017 Initiative which will include project expansion in all 55 counties.

CCC AmeriCorps Disaster Service Corps

CCC AmeriCorps Disaster Service Corps

The CCC AmeriCorps Disaster Service Corps is headquartered in Twin Branch – McDowell Co. The AmeriCorps program is funded through Volunteer West Virginia and serves southern West Virginia as a state-certified Disaster Service Corps. The CCC Corpsmembers are trained through the American Red Cross and have disaster response experience having already been deployed three times-- Boone County (April 2015), Mineral Wells (September 2015),and Rupert (June 2016).



The Twin Branch Recreation Area is an 118-acreage facility under development by CCC. A 10-member AmeriCorps team is currently working at Twin Branch in an effort to improve, further develop, and enhance recreational tourism and economic development opportunities in McDowell County.



Offering over 100 miles of off-road trails for ATV and outdoor enthusiasts of which CCC serves as the conduit by which trail maintenance, building and development efforts occur.



Skiing, Learning, Improving, Developing, and Educating, is a youth development program that utilizes skiing to impact the lives of at-risk youth (ages 3-17) by providing unique and positive experiences that promote character development and life-enhancing values.



Utilizing the game of golf as a vehicle to teach core values and healthy habits to kids ages 4 to 17. CCC operates as a partner and sponsor while the day-to-day operations are handled by the West Virginia Golf Association.



CAWV provides a variety of programming to children and adults with disabilities and is the premiere ski program in the Mid-Atlantic Region. CCC serves as both fiscal agent and partner for this elite program.



In partnership with JP Morgan Chase Foundation, CCC recruits, trains, and places veterans into employment with local governments, federal agencies, businesses, corporations, and/or other avenues with the vision that those served will obtain meaningful employment and the security of sustainable income for themselves and their families.



CCC Internship Program has both part-and full-time Corps placements nationwide, aimed to jump start career choices through a variety of experiences focused on civic engagement and service; conservation, environmental, and resource stewardship; and other areas such as--tourism, transportation, interpretative learning, outdoor recreation, information technology, public and governmental relations, green practices, etc. Each CCC Intern is provided access to a range of educational services, from postsecondary education to industry-recognized credentials with an opportunity to earn an AmeriCorps Education Award ranging from $1222.22 to $5775.00.

Let's Move! Outside

Let's Move! Outside

The CCC via The Corps Network is working to place AmeriCorps members in ten (10) YMCA centers across the country; in order to fulfill the Department of Interior’s project “Engaging the Next Generation of Community Coordinators” for the “Let’s Move! Outside” initiative in the following cities: Birmingham, AL; Oklahoma, OK; San Diego, CA; Columbus, OH; Providence, RI; Indianapolis, IN; Wichita, KS; Pittsburgh, PA; Atlanta, GA; and Newark, NJ.



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These are some of our recently completed projects.

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Heart of the Highlands Trails

Heart of the Highlands Trails

In partnership with Heart of the Highlands Trails, a half mile connector trail from the Town of Davis, WV to the Splash Dam Trail was created.


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Posted on Jun 05th, 2014
CCC partnered with the Heart of the Highlands Trail System, located in Tucker County, WV, to complete a half mile connector trail from the Town of Davis, WV to the Splash Dam Trail located nearby


  • Conduct Projects and Programs that Strengthen and Revitalize Communities;
  • Provide Self-Esteem, Educational Enhancements, and Employment Opportunities through Meaningful Work Experiences for Youth & Adults; and
  • Conserve, Develop, and Enhance Natural Resources.

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Prior to the National Scout Jamboree, Scouts traveling through West Virginia have embraced the opportunity to complete service projects as part of their journey. All told, 45 of West Virginia’s 55 counties will see impact of this volunteer effort. The following links provide projects throughout West Virginia by region. These community service projects will be completed by myriad volunteers, including members of the Boy Scouts of America, AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC), Volunteer WV, and other volunteers from across the nation. 

    Pre-Jamboree Service Projects                     NCCC and Volunteer WV  




The Citizens Conservation Corps (CCC), in oversight and coordination of West Virginia’s Arrow to the Summit Community Service Initiative (The Initiative), today announced the selection of more than 220 projects to be performed in conjunction with the Days of Service as part of the 2017 National Scout Jamboree held at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve in Fayette County, West Virginia.

                                                                FAYETTE      GREENBRIER      KANAWHA      MERCER      MONROE    

                                                                  MCDOWELL       NICHOLAS       RALEIGH       SUMMERS      WYOMING








West Virginia’s Arrow to the Summit
Community Service Initiative

Please download and complete the attached application for community service projects that will be completed throughout the State of West Virginia to coincide with the 2017 National Boy Scout Jamboree. Days of Service for the National Jamboree will be July 20-21; July 24-26 for Group A Counties. Group B Counties will be eligible for Pre-Jamboree Projects on July 18, 2017 prior to arrival at the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

• Group A Counties: Fayette, Greenbrier, McDowell, Mercer, Monroe, Nicholas, Raleigh, Summers, Wyoming and Kanawha.
• Group B Counties: All 46 counties not listed above in Group A.

Selected Community Service Projects will be classified into the following project categories: Construction/Infrastructure, Disaster Relief, Green Friendly, Wellness, and Arts and Education. For more information, please contact JAK Kincaid at 304-254-9196 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Follow the link to the downloadable Project Application here ⇒   2017 Initiative Project Application 

Please complete the application and submit it to us one of two ways. 

  • The submission section provided at the bottom of this page. 
  • Or print it off and mail it to:

Jak Kincaid, 198 George Street . Beckley, WV 25801

 We recommend that you save and print the completed application for your files. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at (304) 254-9196, and ask for JAK Kincaid.  





Formation of Committees is key. Chairman and Committee members are needed for each of the Committees. The County Champion serves on each Committee and a CCC Representative will lend guidance, provide direction, feedback, answer questions and support each Committee in carrying out the goals and objectives successfully. It should be noted that there will be overlapping and reoccurring themes in each Committee where committees will complement and work with one another (See below for more specificity):


Media & Public Relations Committee

1.   The Media & Public Relations Committee is responsible for public awareness and the promotion of The Initiative which includes, but is not limited to- broadcasting and distribution of press releases to targeted mass media; publication of The Initiative’s activities, both internally and externally by promoting knowledge and information about upcoming events, workshops, forums, special projects, volunteer efforts and in general, the intent and purpose of the community service projects. Additional action steps: educate and encourage the public, stakeholders, and partners to become involved with this effort. Increase the visibility of the projects and the impact that can be realized in each community served throughout the various counties.  Media and PR will be coordinated by CCC staff and consultants directly with Media & PR Chairs for each county.


Youth Council Committee

2.   The Youth Council is to gather and incorporate input and ideas from the younger generation in the designated counties and ensure that our youth have a voice and may claim ownership with The Initiative. The Youth Council may appoint a youth representative to the Committee and/or establish a subcommittee of youth that work in conjunction with the Youth Council to generate input, solicit ideas, and prepare and teach our young people about volunteerism, scouting, community involvement, and civic engagement. By building on the young people’s knowledge of the council process and The Initiative, we are preparing a group of future leaders. In addition, the Youth Council should look to youth for project ideas; find ways to engage young people in their respective communities; recruit youth for volunteer opportunities prior/during/after The Jamboree; and excite ad educate youth on Scouting opportunities that are available for both boys and girls.  The Youth Council will work with other Committees as deemed necessary/appropriate.


Fundraising Committee

3.   The Fundraising Committee is responsible for soliciting and acquiring funds/donations needed to implement and complete the community service projects for each respective county. Not all donations need to be in the form of cash.  Tools, supplies, and/or equipment may be donated, borrowed or on loan for certain projects and can be returned provided they have been properly used and maintained.  The Fundraising Chairman and Champion will participate in periodic meetings with both Group A and B counties so that efforts and resources can be combined in the best interest of The Initiative.  The Fundraising Committee will receive direction and information from the Champion on the Project Application and the fundraising “needs” that have been identified. 


Volunteer Committee

4.   The Volunteer Committee is responsible for recruiting and educating community volunteers for the Day of Service Projects.  In addition, volunteers are also needed prior to and after the Day of Service Projects.  Many of these projects may be too large for a single troop to accomplish on its own and may need the support of additional volunteers.  Some projects will require the expertise of skilled tradesmen or craftsmen (backhoes, loaders, roofing).  Some projects will encompass work that Boy Scouts will not be allowed to perform (running chainsaws, welding, and possibly mowers).  In these instances, the projects will rely on this additional volunteer support solicited by members of the Volunteer committee.  Volunteers may be needed to help carry out or deliver the educational experience where applicable and provide onsite assistance as needed.  Volunteers will be recruited within the communities where projects are performed, in addition statewide and national volunteer groups, or individual citizens.


Culture & Education Committee

5.   The Culture and Education Committee will be responsible for creating, developing and implementing the Educational programs for each of the project service sites in their respective counties.  These programs may be instructional lessons provided at the service site or during the bus ride to the site which will be determined on a project by project basis based on several factors such as availability onsite and transportation/other project logistics and factors.   Many will most likely be historical in nature and as intensive as necessary but need not be limited to these parameters.  The educational value may be something as simple as visiting a local vista (overlook, waterfalls, battlefields, historical buildings, etc) or even of a more recreational nature.


Hospitality Committee

6.   The Hospitality Committee will be responsible for hosting Scout Troops in Group B as they participate in Pre-Jamboree projects scheduled July 17-19th, 2017. Hosting Scout Troops will entail providing up to 4 meals for 40-80 Boy Scouts while they are camped in the committee’s respective county; securing lodging that will accommodate assigned numbers of troops with shower, restroom, and dining and meal preparation facilities. The Hospitality will also coordinate local cultural engagement activities for visiting scouts following the completion of the county service project.

The Hospitality Committee will augment the County Champion and Steering Committee in Group A counties by assisting with cultural/educational presentations that will be given when scouts participate in service projects in their respective counties; assist Project Managers by identifying additional food and snacks for county projects; and assist the County Champion by compiling a list of county attractions and points of interest that will be shared with Scout Troops as they are assigned to each county.


Process/Selection Committee

7.   The Process/Selection Committee aka “Steering Committee” is chaired by the County Champion and includes the chair from each committee. This committee oversees the total encompassment of the project in every aspect. From project identification, to development and selection, and the final implementation of the project.  The process committee will basically oversee the project’s total management and be in direct communication with each project’s lead volunteer.



George Best - Appomattox 

 GB intern


    Age: 27

    Birth Place: Arlington, Virginia

    Current City: Ranson, West Virginia

    Previous School: Centre College; James Madison University

    Area of Study: BA in History with religion minor; MA in American History

    Interests and Hobbies: History, trains, camping, hiking, exploring historic sites

    A little blurb: George Best was born in Virginia, raised in Ohio, educated in Kentucky, and now makes his living in West Virginia.  As long as he can remember, George has loved history.  Now he makes his sharing with others the amazing things that happened at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  George started there as an intern in 2010 and has worked both as a student ranger and for the cooperating non-profit (Harpers Ferry Park Association) since. He hopes to make a career of the National Park Service and the internship with the CCC should will hopefully allow him to do just that!


David Lutes- Appomattox









    Age: 17

    Birth place: Cape May Court House, NJ

    Current City: Concord, Va

    Current school: Appomattox County High School

    Area of study: 12th grade

    Interests and hobbies: kayaking, Hiking, Football, Tennis

    A little blurb: I attend Appomattox County High School. I have played football all my high school career and in 2015, we went undefeated and won the state championship for the 2A bracket. I enjoy being outside and at every possible moment I am in my kayak or wondering around outside. After high school, I want to join the U.S. Army, making me the third generation to join and serve in my family. I love studying history and working at Appomattox Court House NHP. It brings both nature and history together making it a very enjoyable experience.